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Rules for system’s user


1., called later Shop, sells goods via the Internet
2. The owner of the is SARL Eponim
157, avenue de Limoges
79000 Niort
Phone number : 06 81 00 35 99
Email :
3. Placing and confirmation of the order constitutes acceptance of the present Regulations of Purchasing, voluntary purchasing of the ordered goods and consent to the processing of the Buyer’s personal data by the Seller for the purpose of realizing the order. Placed order is a contract of purchase – sale within the meaning of the Civil Code.
4. The service realizes the orders mainly in Europe in specific cases, after condition agreement, also all over the world.


1. The customer is obliged to fill in the registration form of a new customer with the actual state.
2. After the verification, which can last from several minutes to several hours, the customer gets access to the system.
3. The customers are obliged not to share their authorization detail to the third party.


1. Placing the order is understood as creation and filling in the order form located on the store’s website.
2. A private person placing the order must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity.
3. The customer will be informed about changes in the status of order via e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the registration form.
4. Orders are confirmed via e-mail. Orders which cannot be confirmed, will not be realized.
5. In the case of absence of the good in the warehouse, the Customer is informed about this fact and about the increase in the duration of realizing the order.
6. In the case of the order consisting of several goods which are going to be delivered in one parcel, the time of the realization is dependent of the time of completion of the whole order, unless the parties agree otherwise.
7. Only the orders which expect realization may be canceled on the store’s website, other orders may be canceled only by e-mail or telephone.
8. The time of the order realization is the time between confirming the placed order and transferring the order to the delivery company.
9. When ordering several products, the order will be sent when all the products are completed.
10. If the payment in advance was chosen, the order will be sent after posting the payment on our account. If you really care about time, please choose the payment on delivery.
11. On the shipping day, the Customer is informed about this fact via e-mail.
12. To estimate the time of order, you should take into consideration the availability of the products and the delivery time which depends on the courier:
it all depends on region and country, but generally no longer than 4 working days (Germany and Belgium 2 working days)


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